Crosman Benjamin Marauder 22 Air Rifle

£400 trade in £350 cash

Benjamin’s NEW PCP rifle incorporates all the features that make the Marauder an exceptional air rifle An excellent choice, the new Benjamin Marauder .22 calibre PCP rifle is ultra-quiet 

The newly improved trigger on the Marauder rifle is accomplished by redesigning the grip frame from our popular 2240 series of guns and adding an adjustable, two-stage, drop sear trigger utilizing precision heat treated metal components 

The mechanism is designed and built with the same materials and precision as the very popular Marauder rifle trigger group 

This rifle provides all the strength and accuracy required 

The Marauder PCP rifle features a self-indexing, 8-shot mag and a 12-inch choked and shrouded barrel 

Length: 756mm 

Weight: 1.22kg